Meet the Lab

Photo credit: Eric Sucar Photography, LLC

Name: Aman Husbands (
Title: PI (aka Bossman)
Project(s): All of them, too many
Fun fact(s): I used to DJ when I lived in NYC.

Name: Ashton Holub (
Title: Post-doctoral Researcher
Project(s): Evolution of HD-ZIPIII TFs
Fun fact(s): My first car got struck by lightning while I was driving it.

Name: Courtney Dresden (
Title: Graduate Student
Project(s): Determining the function of the SAD domain in HD-ZIPIII TFs
Fun fact(s): I can play 8 different instruments.

Name: Sarah Choudury (
Title: Post-Doctoral Researcher
Project(s): Tissue-specific function of and chromatin level regulation by HD-ZIPIIIs
Fun fact(s): I love to craft and try to learn as many crafting techniques as I can.

Name: Nicole Callery (
Title: Lab Manager
Project(s): Robustness, protein purification, CRISPR gene editing
Fun fact(s): I grew up in Japan for part of my life.


  • Andrea McCue/Research scientist at Battelle
  • Brian Smith/Research scientist at Battelle
  • Luke Andrejek/Expedia
  • Dominic Kolonay/Graduate Student at OSU
  • Anna Lubertozi/Graduate Student at OSU
  • Justin Bryant/Graduate Student at Indiana University

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